Mazeus typically works with those responsible for Product Development or Business Development, IT, Risk Management

and Operations.





  •  ASR
  •  B+S card service
  •  Credit Agricole
  •  Center Parcs
  •  COA
  •  Delta Lloyd
  •  EquensWorldline
  •  Interpolis
  •  KPN
  •  Landal GreenParks
  •  Siemens Business Services
  •  SNS bank
  •  Utrecht University
  •  VISA Europe


  • Master plan for retail banking in a new market
  • Syndication for a new debit card product
  • Feasibility for use of prepaid cards
  • Blue print for internet banking
  • Process design for online sale
  • Design of location based services
  • Process design for back office services for pension funds
  • Implementation of back office services for insurance companies
  • Implementation of  top up services for prepaid phones
  • Feasibility and business planning for credit card acquiring services