We offer business consultancy and

project management services. To help you

make the first steps in the process of

creating the new product or service and implement change.

Business Consultancy

When you want to introduce  a new product or service you may want some support from outside. Because you need some insight in other markets. Or because you want to know the lessons learned from similar initiatives. Or you want to partner with suppliers you don’t know yet. Mazeus can help.

We offer:

  •  Market research
  •  Scenario planning
  •  Business modelling
  •  Partner syndication
  •  Business planning
  •  Supplier selection
  •  Project planning

Project Management

Of course, you as an executive could manage the process of innovation your self. But sometimes you may have reasons to let an outsider do the job.  For instance when you lack the time for day to day monitoring of the process. Or because your environment expects someone with an neutral position.  Or just because you want someone experienced in managing innovations and avoiding pitfalls.